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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Padova: Organic ice-cream

To no surprise Padova has a branch of the artisanal ice-cream parlour chain Grom: The Grom in the city center of Padova is located at Piazza dei Signori and serves gorgeous ice-cream flavours made from organic milk, and often (though never promised) more organic ingredients as well as iced lollies (ghiaccoli) and natural slushes (granite). They have a second branch in Via Roma.

But it gets even better! About 50 meters east from the Grom at Piazza dei Signori you'll find the city's only fully organic ice-cream parlour, Gelateria Gnam Gnam, and so you can compare the taste of partially and fully organic fare. I was amazed how much delight one can still add when restricting oneself to 100 percent organic ingredients. The ice-cream was extremely delicate, with a lot of surprising flavours such as "cinnamon and ginger" or "pineapple and ginger", about one third of them vegan. The (vegan) slush goes here under the name Venetian ghiaccate, and can be had in eight different flavours, small, medium, and large (the latter for 5 EUR). The coffee ghiaccate was a deliciously melting dream, ways better than the extremely tasty one I had a couple of years ago at a Grom branch in Florence. In addition you can have a frappe or chocolate-coated ghiacciolo. If after this you find it difficult to part buy a package of their organic meringues to take along.

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