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Sunday, 27 March 2022

Stuttgart: Railway Terminus

Stuttgart 21, the German national railway company Deutsche Bahn's biggest and most controversial development project is the reason why the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg for many years will be missing a functional and representative station building worth a city of its size and importance. There are almost no shops and food stalls, but do not dispair: If you take the exit next to platform 16 through the historical Bonatzbau you will come to the urban surroundings of Arnulf-Klett-Platz instead of to a tree-less anonymous desert of a huge construction site bordered by faceless business buildings. At the southern end of Klett-Passage you will be able to shop for organic supplies, even on Sundays, and it takes only five minutes to come here from the tracks. So, even if you have only half an hour between connecting trains, you will get there and back in time unless you take the wrong (northern) exit.

Bio B

To find a Sunday-open source of organic products train stations are the best bet in Germany. So it is here in Stuttgart: At the exit of Klett-Passage, just before you proceed to ground level, there's Bio B, a well-assorted fully organic supermarket, offering both dry and fresh food including fruits, veges and dairy products, natural bodycare and household items. Definitely your best and fastest bet for travel provisions. There's a second Bio B branch cum cafe in Kirchheim unter Teck south-east of Stuttgart.

If you turn left here, take the stairs up, proceed to the next street corner and turn right there's a branch of the DM Drogeriemarkt drugstore chain. In principle a supermarket focussing on all you need in the household it stocks a good selection of reasonably priced organic dry and preserved food, sweets and (non-alcoholic) beverages as well as natural bodycare and sustainable household chemistry; with an increasing number of climate-neutral products. For non-food you have to be more picky as conventional, environment-unfriendly brands (still) prevail. As the shop its not located on the premises of the train station it is however closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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