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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Munich: Organic Pizza

The good news: As long as your organic supermarket is equipped with a freezer (which applies to all exceeding the size of a corner shop) you will be able to find some frozen pizza, and even if you feel the urge while most shops are closed, don't dispair! But come on, who really wants to feast on frozen pizza?

The bad news: Don't ask me why but there's no such thing as an organic Italian pizzeria restaurant in town. You have to decide what's more important to you: If a bar stool will do, head for Bartu in Schwabing, a short walk from Münchner Freiheit. It's actually an ice-cream parlour with a hole in the wall to a pizza kitchen. Gorgeous, 100% organic pizza, and if you are lucky enough to live no more than three kilometers away they also will deliver home.

If you'd rather opt for a table, a waiter approaching you in mock-Italian, and TV screens on all walls Lo studente in Maxvorstadt near tube-stop "Universität" is the best bet. Don't forget to specify that you want organic pizza bun made with emmer wheat for your pizza. The toppings -- apart from fresh basil -- usually are not organic, but you may order a bionade organic soft drink. The pizza is good home-made fare of the best quality you can hope for with partially non-organic ingredients.

If you don't insist on classical Italian pizza toppings, head for the neighbourhood of Neuhausen. Zodiac Pizza serves 100 percent organic vegetarian wholemeal pizzas topped with gouda cheese; vegan cheese analogue or mozzarella cheese can be had on request. There's a lot of tofu or seitan on the menu which lists a pizza per zodiac sign, but you can also have a plain margarita style or create your own. Even if you are sceptical towards vegetarian mock meat it's worth to give the place a try: I found the "fishes" pizza topped with soy "meat", tofu, chili and garlic extremely tasty and perfectly balanced. They mill the flour on premise, and the organic liquid hand wash in the bathroom tells you that the two friendly guys running the place are serious about organics. It's a pleasant hang-out, and you will be served exquisite organic coffee, too. All pizze are served in three different sizes so you can taste different ones if you like.

For the Lebanese version of a pizza head for the neighbourhood of Sendling. A few steps from tube station Implerstraße you'll find a tiny restaurant named after this Levantine breakfast special, the Manouche, where it can be had all day around, alongside Lebanese soups, savoury pastries, mezze, Lebanese wine and sweets. All meat is local and certified organic, and most of the vegetables come from farms in the vicinity which, although not certified, embrace organic principles. Some of the beer ("Neumarkter"), juices and soft drinks are also organic. Unfortunately the flour is not organic which explains the tastelessness of the bread when eaten on its own but fortunately the mezze are full of flavour and cover up for it. Place your order at the desk, and help yourself with drinks from the fridge; your food, wine and coffee will be served. It's advisable to book in advance when coming as a group, to enjoy a glimpse of oriental atmosphere and friendliness in Bavaria. Note that the place is closed on Sundays.

The Alsatian version of a pizza, Tarte Flambe or Flammkuchen is a popular fast food on street festivals like the biannual Streetlife on Leopoldstraße or the triannual Auer Dult fair where you will find boothes selling it in organic quality.

Shut down

The following (partially) organic pizza places can still be find on the web but forget about them: They do not exist any more.

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