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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Venice: Partially organic ice-cream (and organic coffee)

Right after arrival at Venezia Santa Lucia train station, you may arm yourself for the queueing at the waterbus ticket office with a delicious ice-cream, milk-shake or granita from Gelateria Grom fronting the entrance hall towards Canal Grande. They use organic milk, some organic fruit, only natural ingredients and of course no additives, and have in general a eco-conscious agenda. Above all the ice-cream is gorgeous, and a favourite of the locals, too, as can be seen by the increasing number of often crowded Grom branches in Italian cities. For the ice-cream you have to specify a size -- small, medium or large -- and can choose a suitable number of varieties; up to two varieties for the small, and up to three for medium size. For something special (or if you are vegan) try a granita water ice slush (medium or large), especially when espresso granita is available -- it will easily take you through a summer night.

Grom has three more, in fact older branches in Venice, one of them on Campo San Barnaba square. If departing the waterbus at Ca' Rezzonico stop you can't miss it when following the only way into the open of the square and keep an eye on the left side.

If you not just want to have an ice-cream but recharge your phone meanwhile head for cafeteria con gelateria Handay in Cannaregio about five to ten minutes by foot from the train station. Have a flavoured tea or organic coffee or indulge yourself in a small, medium or large cup of all natural frozen yogurt while making use of their free wifi. The place with its artificially generated name is actually a self-service cafe but newcomers are taken good care of by the friendly staff. A small frozen jogurt goes for 3 EUR (and 2 EUR per refill) and has the size of two scoops in other gelaterie. 12 flavours are available, about one third of them vegan. Whipped cream comes for free, toppings cost 1.80 EUR extra, but only the cereal ones are organic. Unfortunately a lot of waste is produced as everything is served in paper cups with plastic spoons.

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