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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Venice (Venezia)

The best and most comfortable way to reach Venice is by train to Venezia Santa Lucia railway station. Trains from Germany or Austria run by the Austrian railway, ÖBB, have sufficient dedicated space to take a bicycle with you. If you really must fly into Mestre make sure to compensate your climate gas emissions using services like Atmosfair. At any cost: Do not come by cruise ship! "Le grande navi", much hated by the local population, destroy the very foundations of this beautiful city and are a criminal danger to all other passengers in the narrow waterstreets – a price you hopefully are not willing to pay for a tremendous view at San Marco.

Pizzeria Oke, Venezia

Moving around in the very town of Venice is done in an eco-conscious way – by public transport or walking. For the reliable ACTV waterbusses and ferries you can buy two-days and three-days passes which also cover the greater area including Chioggia. There's a discount for children and youth older than 4 years for which you will be handed an additional form to carry with you.

Bicycles aren't allowed in the narrow streets, so if you come by bike you'd better stay on the Lido of Venezia. To get there from Venezia Santa Lucia train station take the ferry no. 17 from Tronchetto to Lido San Nicolo (from the train station you must carry your bike over the steps of the Ponte della Costituzione bridge). ACTV bicyle tickets come at one EUR per bike and ferry ride.

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