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Saturday, 03 July 2021

Verona: Organic ice-cream

My stay in Verona in the covid-19 summer of 2021 was short: The idea was to fill the time between two trains with a refreshment in form of an organic ice-cream in the old town. Unfortunately the plan didn't work out: 2 pm on a Tuesday afternoon turned out to be the wrong time.

Come una volta

My first stop was a fully organic ice-cream shop which must have been established somewhen between my first visit to Verona a few years ago and now. Unimaginably dubbed Come una volta ("Just like once upon a time") as many other organic shops in Italy it's situated on a street corner in the old town but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

L'Arte del Gelato

Hence I proceeded to known territory: The partially organic ice-cream parlour L'Arte del Gelato has been serving artisanal ice-cream since 2002 using organic sugar, chocolate, mint extract and fruit. The milk is produced by South-Tyrolean farms but not certified organic. I was really looking forward to taste their ice-cream again as it had been a lip-smacking creamy experience a few years ago, but unfortunately I met barred doors also here, with a display of tempting ice-cream cakes behind -- but closed on Tuesdays, too.

On the aforementioned day-trip to Verona I also tried to find Gelateria Natù in the neighbourhood of Santa Croce, with little success which again had to do with a train to catch too soon. However, since their website is kept up to date there's sufficient evidence that the place is alive and serving natural artisanal ice-cream made from organic milk and nuts. Apart from the milk-based varieties there are also some vegan fruit flavours and a number of lactose and glutine free nut and chocolate flavours made with rice drink. Besides they use agave syrup instead of sugar. You may also come here for a coffee, pastry or aperitif but I cannot say whether you have organic options here. Note that this place obeys the typical Italian closing time around noon.

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